About us

Our history as a band started at a vending machine in high school, where our group of friends would regularly meet. We would have a drink or two and talk about what we should get up to after school.

Jam Session (2015)

Time progressed, and so did our interests. The group of friends shrunk steadily as ever fewer hobbys were held in common until we were left with the band founders to be. As we discovered our shared love for music it was clear we wanted to start a band. But this brought up some obvious questions: Where do we practice? Who does what? What kind of songs are we going to play? The questions, however, were soon answered.

So we brushed the dust off the drum kit, turned the guitar amps up to eleven and put pen to paper.

Once we started playing we noticed how much we could grow as musicians if we’d take it a little more seriously. Unfortunately, however, not everyone was fond of this idea and so we had to part ways with our previous drummer, Marco.

The void which he left was promptly filled by Lukas, a school colleague of our former rythm guitarist, Martin. Lukas definitely seemed to have the drive we were looking for in our drummer, but now he had to prove himself in terms of his ability. We all eagerly awaited our first band practice with him and wanted to see what he could do. Within  a couple of minutes of our first encounter, however, he uttered a sentence which didn’t fill us with a lot of confidence. “I’m going to have to leave early because I’m going out drinking tonight” isn’t exactly one of the first things you wish to hear from your new band member, but after further deliberation we realised this was our guy. Not because we like to go out drinking, quite the contrary in fact, but because one of the most age-old signs of a quality drummer is that he loves a good piss-up. And then Lukas started smashing the drums.

At that point we only had two weeks to prepare for our very first live performance, with no songs written or rehearsed. So during the course of a weekend we wrote four songs and started practicing them. Our set up at the first was pretty much textbook: vocals were shot through a guitar amplifier, guitars were played over bass cabs and Lukas was banging on a flat-sounding, old, beginner’s kit, which has stuck with us to this day. Much to our suprise, however, we were actually able to capture some of the audience’s imagination. There was one girl in particular, who seemed genuinely fascinated with our music. She filmed our performance and asked us for autographs, which blew our minds. Listening back to our playing we can safely say it wasn’t our strongest performance, but people seemed intrigued nevertheless.

After this first achievement of ours things have been moving very quickly: we’ve played multiple gigs in various bars in the region; another band member parted ways with us, making us the three-piece we are today; we’ve had endless songwriting sessions; we’ve been at a studio and even played a large festival from our local area. And here we are now, at the end of the beginning of our band, Destiny’s Patient.